Paul莫志傑牧師是一位法定失明人士,他在出生時已患眼疾,視力隨著時間衰退。 全因為主耶穌拯救了他,把平安、喜樂和希望賜給他,才讓他得以從眼疾的陰霾中走出來,積極地邁步前行。

莫牧師憑著主的恩典,考獲英國皇家音樂學院的七級鋼琴資格、並寫作了不少敬拜讚美詩歌。 他更自學電腦系統管理,並與幾位朋友在1995年創立電腦網絡公司,把互聯網推廣給教會和其他企業。 後來,莫牧師接受了上帝的呼召,毅然放棄互聯網生意,全時間奉獻作牧者。 與莫牧師一樣,曾任教師的莫師母,也接受了上帝的呼召,全時間奉獻服事主。

服事至今,莫牧師和莫師母一方面接觸到不少家暴、離婚、親子問題、自殺、精神病、鬼附及濫藥等個案,一方面也看見上帝的恩典和大能,幫助了這些在困境中的朋友。 願神繼續使用莫牧師一家,廣傳福音,牧養社區。 榮耀歸主。 阿們。

Pastor Paul Mok Chi Kit is a legally blind pastor, who had eye disease when he was born. His sight gets worse as time flies. Now, he can only see light and shadows. It is Lord Jesus Christ who saved him and give him joy and peace and hope, so that he could come out from the sadness of being blind, and positively face the future.

In God’s grace, Pastor Paul gained the Grade 7 qualification in the piano exam of ABRSM, and he also wrote many songs of praise and worship. Pastor Paul learnt computer system administration by self-study and established an internet company with several partners in 1995, This company encouraged churches and firms in Hong Kong to use the Internet.

Later on, Pastor Paul received the calling from God. He left his internet business and serve the Lord full-time. Just like Pastor Paul, his wife Ms Katherine, received the calling from God. She left her job as a teacher, and served God full-time.

Pastor Paul and Ms Katherine continue to learn theology through self-study, following spiritual mentors and study in Ecclesia Theological Seminary.
They just want to be workmen that need not to be ashamed, and serve the people in the community.

In their ministries, Pastor Paul and Ms Katherine help people who are in the troubles of family violence, divorce, Parent-child problem, commit suicide, Mental illness, daemon possessing and drug addiction etc. They also witness the Grace and Power of God pour unto these people and help them to go through. May God continue to use Pastor Paul’s family to preach the Gospel as well as to serve the community. Glory to God in the highest.